Our philosophy at Kommlink is based around supplying a transparent, compliant and delivery based service to both the candidates and project consultants we find and to the end clients where delivery is achieved.

Transparency means being open about our business practices and giving good value to both sides of the business. It also encompasses our vision to clearly explain how we deliver our services and how we deliver a better service at a better price.

Compliancy to us defines how we protect both our clients and individuals from practices that put all parties at risk. Kommlink offer compliant solution with regards to legal/social security issues and tax issues that either eliminates or minimizes the risk to our clients.

At lastly delivery, for Kommlink delivery is our main focus and selling point. By delivering what we say, when we say it, giving the value our clients expect, we give these clients the confidence to use Kommlink again. Our aim is to becoming a trusted long term supplier to each and every client we have.