Top Ten CV Tips

Top Ten Tips On What We Consider Important In A CV

  1. Be aware of consistent spacing and format
  2. List your most recent work experience first
  3. Don’t write too much or too little (half a page should be the maximum for each job).
  4. Clearly show all start dates and end dates of projects
  5. If you choose to list separate projects and dates of work you did for one client make sure it is clear is was for only one client.
  6. Clearly explain any gaps in your CV that are longer than 3 months
  7. Make sure your skills for a specific position are clearly shown when applying for a position.
  8. Try and keep the CV less than 10 pages in length.
  9. Keep the Cv as up to date as possible as your most recent projects are normaly the most important.
  10. If design and formatting is not your thing then use a professional company to create your CV as it is your most important sales document.